Mitred Conure (Mitred Parakeet): Bird Species Profile

The snappy eco-friendly and reddish mitred conure is an exuberant, small-to-medium-sized parrot that loves to play and possesses the talent to come to be an excellent talker. It is a quite energetic bird, curious concerning the globe, funny, as well as enthusiastic to check out. It may additionally be actually relatively temperamental as well as can be prone to nipping. If rejected the attention it requires as well as yearns for, it will certainly scream. This might not be a great bird for a novice, an owner sensitive to noise, or a flat resident along with surrounding neighbors. Like watchdogs, mitred conures are splendid “check out birds” due to their piercingly loud alarm system calls when moved toward by unfamiliar people.

Species Overview
COMMON NAMES: Mitred conure, mitred parakeet, red-headed conure

TAXONOMIC NAME: Aratinga mitrata

ADULT SIZE: One of the biggest of the conures, gauging thirteen to 15 inches in length, weighing around 7 ounces

LIFE EXPECTANCY: twenty to 30 years

Source and also History

The mitred conure is actually belonging to the South American Andes Mountain region including north-central Peru, Bolivia, as well as northwestern Argentina. It usually inhabits high-altitude woodlands located 3,000 to 11,000 feet above water level. This species has been introduced to California, Florida, as well as Hawaii, where they are actually in some cases looked at a nuisance because of the crop harm they can easily lead to.


Tame, hand-fed mitred conures can bring in affectionate family pet dogs when given a lot of affection and also interest. Mitred conures are an excellent choice for proprietors that take pleasure in hanging out interacting along with a family pet bird. This bird will need at the very least 2 to four hrs of exercise, communication, and social opportunity with you per day.

Like any household pet bird, mitred conures have their state of minds. And also, like various other conure varieties, this bird can easily obtain nippy. Consequently, a conure is actually not the very best family pet for families along with kids, however they may make great family animals in houses with much older youngsters who recognize exactly how to handle and recognize birds.

Mitred conures that are well socialized may still obtain loud. You can easily anticipate noisy screeching, screams, as well as squawking in the course of the dawn as well as twilight time periods.

Clownish by nature, this species is actually smart and might execute techniques to obtain your attention and also affection.

Speech and also Vocalizations

Conures are actually one of the most talkative parrots. Mitred conures will astonish you with their grip of phrases as well as key phrases. Their high-pitched vocals often produce them seem unexplicit and amusing. This doesn’t cease all of them from being actually chatty and also fun little talkers along with their murmurs as well as trills.

Mitred Conure Colors and Markings

A fully grown mitred conure is actually dazzling fresh with areas of cherry on its own skin, head, neck, as well as the best half of its own lower legs. It has a bare white ring around the eyes with a horn-colored beak and also grey feets. Males and women equal in shade. It could be hard to distinguish it from its shut family member, the cherry-headed conure. The major variation between all of them is actually that the mitred is actually missing the cherry area on the bend of the airfoil.

Taking care of the Mitred Conure

A mitred conure needs to have a substantially-sized crate with a minimum of a 24-inch square footprint as well as 36 inches in height at the minimum. Give perches that are actually measured for tough chewers and alter them often to avoid the bird coming from acquiring burnt out. Mitred conures are sports birds that should likewise possess a backyard or even fitness center stand up outside its crate.

These birds enjoy to soak as well as can be bathed with a spray bottle or even under a sink sprayer regularly.

All conures are actually flock-oriented birds. Lonely or even uninterested conures may bite you, nibble unapproved items, or even yell. A bird that knows a whole lot of words is a bird that is actually less prone to howl.

Common Health Problems

The mitred conure, like other conures, is a reasonably hardy bird reviewed to various other parrots. It is prone to some of the same health and wellness issues that impact various other conures:

Diet plan and also Nutrition

In bush, mitred conures feast primarily on fruit, almonds, as well as seeds. In captivity, they function best on a well balanced, pelleted diet plan enhanced with fresh fruit products, veggies, as well as from time to time, almonds. Nourish fresh food as well as water daily.

Physical exercise

As with all birds, correct workout is vital to a mitred conure’s good health. Mitred conures are actually really energetic and also analytical, as well as they need ample space to fly, check out, and also play.

Like all parrots, mitred conures require to eat and ought to have lots of strong action playthings to chomp on. Toys support funnel its gnawing impulse in a positive direction and also deliver really good mouth exercise.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Mitred Conure

Inspection along with animal saving associations and adoption societies if you desire a mitred conure. Mitered conures are actually such loud birds that some proprietors that can’t handle the noise may quit their birds.

Some adoptions or even saves that may have mitred conures feature:

  • Rescue the Birds
  • Bird Breeders
  • Petfinder

Although aviary animal retail stores may have mitred conures, a bird breeder is normally a far better choice. The ordinary price is from $500 to $2,000. The Beauty of Birds is actually a company that maintains a listing of credible parrot breeders in the U.S. If you are searching for a bird dog breeder, interview the breeder, examine the basic wellness of their birds, look at their residing situations, and speak to past consumers. Indicators you should prevent the breeder consist of confined lifestyle conditions, less active birds, and also breeders who avoid your inquiries or even carry out not appear to use much information.

Like guard dogs, mitred conures are spectacular “watch birds” due to their piercingly loud alert calls when approached by strangers.

Mitred conures are a great option for proprietors who appreciate costs time connecting with a pet bird. As with any sort of dog bird, mitred conures have their state of minds. Mitred conures are sports birds that must additionally possess a play region or health club stand outside its crate.

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